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300 days of sun a year make Meran and environs an ideal holiday destination. Like a sun terrace, the village of Dorf Tirol thrones over Meran in a very privileged position. There is a reason why the Earls of Tyrol chose this place. Whether you prefer comfortable or ambitious activities during your wellbeing vacation, Dorf Tirol is the perfect starting place for hikes and sporty activities of all kind. 

And if the sun should not shine one day - which only happens rarely, even though this beautiful nature needs some water now and again - Meran and environs offer unlimited possibilities: for example interesting cultural sights, relaxing in the Thermal Baths, and the shopping paradise under the medieval arbors in Meran.


Where design meets quality - the shopping experience at Meran! Even in the village of Dorf Tirol, you will find some shops, which are small, but "oho"! The old town of Meran with its special shopping experience can be reached within a few minutes. Those looking for bargains should visit the Friday Market in Meran.

Living the culture

The cradle of the Land Tyrol, the imposing Castle Tyrol, with its Museum of Culture and Provincial History is only a short walk from the hotel. In addition to this highlight, you also find numerous historic and artistic sights in the nearby surroundings. 

Depending on your interests, you can get to know the culture of the region, or simply feel the traditions of the past, which are still actively lived in South Tyrol. Get to know more when talking to locals or simply observe the traditional customs.

Castle Tyrol

The venerable masonry of the picturesque Castle Tyrol has witnessed hundreds of years of history. With apple orchards and vineyards on all sides, the castle is surrounded by idyllic landscape. This former home of the Counts of Tyrol was used as a political headquarters until the 15th century.   

Today the castle houses the South Tyrolean Museum of History, where the many artefacts on display bring old stories of the Tyrolean landscape to life. Take in the historic ambiance of the castle courtyard and marvel at the Roman portal in the castle chapel, one of the many works of art on display within the castle walls.

Bird care centre

An especially interesting destination for a day trip is the Bird Care Centre right next to the stately Castle Tyrol. On an impressive nature trail, visitors can discover just how significant birds of prey were and still are to the nature and culture of South Tyrol. 

The Bird Care Centre in Tirol looks after helpless and injured birds and helps them return to full health so they can be released back into the wild. Visitors are pleased to support these objectives, which are made clear by the extensive range of information on offer as well as with the birds of prey flight demonstrations.

Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are irrefutably some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. More than 12 hectares accommodate 80 landscaped gardens, which are split into four garden worlds: The Sun Gardens, Forests of the World, Water and Terraced Gardens and Landscapes of South Tyrol. 

However, do not forget to pay a visit to the wonderfully restored castle with its permanent exhibition on the history of Tyrolean and South Tyrolean tourism. A multimedia exhibition in the "Touriseum" vividly presents the development of tourism in this alpine region.

Therme Meran

A visit to Therme Meran is a journey into a real wellness oasis. Relax in the 50,000 m² park, unwind in the terrace cafe or enjoy sauna, spa and fitness in the wellbeing worlds. Of course, all treatments given in the spa area use local natural products from South Tyrol and you will be astounded by the designer architecture.

If you do not plan in at least one visit to Therme Meran during your holiday in South Tyrol, you will miss out on one of the region's definitive highlights. So make your way to Therme Meran; it is centrally located on the southern side of the river Passer.

Ötzi Museum

Bozen is the metropolis of the Dolomites and now also the home of the most famous South Tyrolean. No not Reinhold Messner! This is where Ötzi the Iceman has found his final resting place. If you are on holiday in South Tyrol, you must take a trip to Bozen to meet Ötzi in person.

The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bozen also provides insights into the history and past of South Tyrol. Numerous exhibits from the Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic periods are on display here. However, Ötzi the Iceman will always be the true star of the show.

Messner Mountain Museum

Besides Ötzi, Reinhold Messner is probably the most famous South Tyrolean. The likeable mountaineer has devoted his life to mountains and mountain climbing and is always keen to get involved with anything that concerns the conservation of Alpine culture. 

For this reason, Messner set up museums in five locations in South Tyrol dedicated to this topic. In a multimedia exhibition, the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian at Castle Sigmundskron illustrates the conflict between "mountain and man".

Andreas Hofer Museum

Although the legendary Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer died over 200 years ago, his memory lives on. At Hofer's birth place in St. Leonhard in Passeier, you can find out how he grew up and retrace his footsteps as he became one of the most significant figures in Tyrolean history. Supreme Commander of Tyrol, escape to the Pfandler Alm, betrayal and execution in 1810 in Mantova: at the Andreas Hofer Museum history comes alive. 

Take a trip to the Passeier Valley and discover the birthplace and the life of Hofer!


Due to their amazing natural beauty, the Dolomites were declared a natural heritage site by UNESCO in 2009. Extraordinary natural landscapes, craggy rockfaces and luscious Alpine meadows give the place a special ambiance. Famous peaks that form part of this natural heritage site include the Drei Zinnen, the Seiser Alm, the magical Rosengarten and the popular Sella group. 

Due to its charming landscape, the Dolomites region is a popular leisure destination for hikers, mountaineers and mountain bikers - and in the winter, the ski region Dolomiti Superski entices visitors from far and wide for unlimited winter fun!

Christmas market

Fragrances, music, culinary delights. Festive, joyful, Christmas feeling. The special atmosphere at the Christmas Market in Meran spreads the spirit of the most beautiful time of the year. 

However, you can enjoy this Advent atmosphere not only in Meran. The capital Bozen is not far, and if you are looking for something special and want to flee the busy towns, we recommend visiting the Crib Exhibition in St. Pauls, the living crib in Neumarkt or the traditional Sarntal valley with the Alpine Advent. 

The Castle Christmas at Castle Tyrol from 5th to 8th of December is a very special experience. Pleasurable music and old handcrafts in the historic walls provide a special highlight. The castle is only a short walk from Hotel Alpenhof.

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